How Much Is My Car Worth?

Article: How Much Is My Car Worth?

Advanced technologies and new car models are seen in the market more often than before making car buyers like me wondering how much is my car worth and whether or not it makes sense to trade it in as part of the initial stage in getting a new car. Considering selling or trading in my car for a new one, finding out how much my car is worth is crucial and an important step in the negotiation process. For most cases, general cars are probably depreciating in value and certain models depreciate faster than the others. In the process of selling my car it is important to get an accurate valuation which is condition adjusted for my specific model.

I got a rough price and pricing guide from local newspapers, automobile magazines and the internet for a list of my exact make and model and it shows me how much is my car worth in poor and average condition and how much it could be worth in excellent condition.

To know how much is my car worth, it is best to look for a car that is similar to yours in terms of the manufacturing and registration date, car make and model. This has assisted me to have a better idea of what value I can expect for my car. There is also a difference in the car value between selling your car to a used car dealer and a direct buyer. I would expect a higher value from a direct buyer as compare to trading in my car to a car dealer based on the fact that car dealers act as the middle source to buy the car from me and to resell back to end users. It is advisable to spare some time to maintain your car in its best condition and fix it wherever seems necessary if you intend to sell to direct buyer at a higher value.

Naturally, everybody wants to get the highest possible price when they sell off their car or when they ask themselves how much is my car worth. But if I demand too much in my advert, nobody is going to respond and give me any feedback. If I ask for too little, I will be cheating myself. Another method that I find worth exploring is to research used car prices to find out how much is my car worth. The prices can be obtained from classifieds in newspapers or by visiting car shows or speak with other car salesman as well as used car dealers or even end user to find out how much they paid for a similar car and how much they have sold their own cars for in the past. Once you have an idea of the price range, you can be confident that the price you have in mind to sell would be your guideline and limit to negotiate further with the buyer. The value of my car will increase and decrease depending on the economic situation and the number of productions for my specific car make. In my opinion, how much is my car worth depends very much on the other buyer who is willing to pay. Everybody would want a fair price but this is a process that needs patience.


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