Spotlight On Hybrid Manufacturers

Article: Spotlight On Hybrid Manufacturers

The need for less fuel consuming low pollution automobiles has led to the development and growth of vehicles that use alternative forms of energy. Hence, there are many manufacturers of hybrid automobiles in the world. Such manufacturers are located in many countries such as the United States, France Australia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Japan, Turkey and the United Kingdom.

EVtransPortal of the United States is one of the leading automobile manufacturers in the world. The group is a nonprofit organization that is committed to ensuring that people the world over have access to sustainable transport by using the range of electric drive vehicle that it manufactures. EVtransPortal takes a unique approach to providing clean transport solutions by ensuring that people are connected and are able to communicate. This is facilitated through provision of information resources regarding clean transport, provision of consultancy services as well as support and referral services. EVtransPortal has a unique website in which it helps people to forge partnerships in product development and investment of capital resources. In essence, the organization offers not only reliable automobile alternatives but also enlightens the society about the need to manage resources effectively, hence attain a clean environment.

Venturi of France has a formula one that car uses photovoltaic cells covering approximately 3.3 square meters in area. The cells have an outstanding yield of 21 per cent are covered with a film designed from nano-prisms that enable a more focused concentration of the sun’s energy. Known as Astrolab, the formula one car made by Venturi is the first ever high-performance hybrid car to be used commercially in the world. The car has an ability to operate using very low amounts of energy. Along this line, it has a 16 KWc simplified motor that facilitates recharge whenever the car is in motion. Further, the car does not necessarily have to be exposed to the sun to be operational since it can store power in photovoltaic cells.

Nature Warriors of Australia is another famous company dealing in the manufacture of Hybrid automobiles. The group is also a nonprofit organization dealing in the manufacture of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems that utilize renewable energy, a wide range of alternative energy vehicles, and hybrid electric automobiles. The organization’s unique aspect is the integration of utilization of renewable hydrogen in almost all the range of devices it manufactures and its corporate strategy to ameliorate the environment.

In the United Kingdom, the leading hybrid automobile manufacturers include Connaught Motor Company Limited and Green Motorsport Ltd. Green Motorsport Ltd deals in export services, wholesale supplies, and retail sales. The two companies further deal in a wide range of renewable energy devices including capacitor batteries, photovoltaic systems, heat exchangers, automotive switching batteries, solar charging systems and renewable power backup devices. The wide range of products produced by the two companies makes them very popular coupled with the fact that the companies offer after sales services including but not limited to installation of various devices and monitoring them to ensure that they are operational and produce the anticipated efficiency.


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