The Skoda Super Model 2015 Has Been Revealed!

Article: The Skoda Super Model 2015 Has Been Revealed!

The new Skoda Superb, part of the most recent generation of the Czech Manufacturers top range cars has been revealed and will be the perfect rival to every car from the Ford Mondeo to the BMW 3 Series. This car is a little longer in length than the outgoing generation, but to be able to support and give ample space to its passengers as well as their luggage, the wheelbase has been made longer. The chassis components match those of the VW Passat, and the luggage compartment is huge, offering 625L with the rear seats in place, which is 84L more than the Ford Mondeo. The luggage compartment will be accessed through a conventional hatchback, as opposed to the old systems.

Engine Information

The Engines are the masterpieces of these cars. One of the engines is a 1.6L 118bph unit that will be emitting 96g/km thanks to the Greenline trim which is efficiency focused. It will not exceed 100g/km, no matter if the gearbox is manual or the Skoda’s dual-clutch DSG automatic transmission. Two 2.0L diesel engines, one in 148pbh and one in 187bph are also available. Even for these, the emissions are expected to not exceed 107g/km. For the four-wheel drive, emissions are expected to stay south of 131g/km.

The end range will be booked by the petrol motors. For the entry level Skoda Superb, the engine is a 1.4L Turbocharged petrol, boasting 148bph. It has the ability to shut down engines while cruising and only emits 115g/km of CO2. The top-spec Skoda Superb will have a 276bph turbocharged petrol engine and will be available with a four-wheel drive and dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Interior Space

The previous Superb models were well known for having spacious cabins, but the new model does manage to make passengers feel a little more comfortable. There will be extra shoulder and head room for rear-seat passengers. For four grownups on a long road trip, this car should be the most comfortable.

Car Equipment

There are 4 trim levels for the Skoda Superb; S, SE, SE-L and Laurin&Klement.

All Superbs will come with the following:

  • 6.5 inch dashboard screen

  • Dual climate control

  • City emergency braking

  • A novel touch for all Superb models

  • Two pocket umbrellas that go into storage spaces in the front doors

  • Larger, 8-inch screen

  • Built in satellite navigation

  • MirrorLink integration with smartphones

Other options like I-pad holders and 4G Wi-Fi are also included. An electrically operated boot hatch can also be added to the car.

Release & Sale Information

The Skoda Superb will make its debut to the public in spring during the Geneva Motor Show. Dealers will begin to take orders for the car in June and first deliveries to land in the UK are expected to be in September. Though Skoda hasn’t yet given a number on the pricing, it is expected that the entry-level Superb S-Spec 1.4 TSI ACT will probably be around £20,000. There will also be a superb estate, and Superb is due to show up in the UK Showrooms a month after the hatchback does.

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